Our New Colorful Socks

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Our New Colorful Socks

Hey, have you seen our new A Man Among Socks…. socks!?

We are super excited to have launched these new colorful mens socks about a month ago. Bringing you 6 styles, 3 stripes and 3 polka dots, all with that spring/summery feel!

Mens Socks, Polka Dot Socks, Funky Socks, Fun Mens Socks
The San Diego

Now, we have worked hard to find the right quality, the right combination of “not too thick” but “not too thin” and also keep them at an affordable price.  As you know, mens socks can range drastically in quality and price.  Yes, $40 socks tend to be of higher quality, but how realistic is it for those dressy and colorful socks to be your daily’s?

Mens Socks, Colorful Mens Socks, Dressy Mens Socks
The Portland

It’s not, so, our A Man Among Socks dressy and colorful socks bring you a high quality cotton with just a touch of elastin to ensure there is no calf droop…. all for $9.99 per pair.

Lastly we had a little with the naming convention we chose, naming our fun socks after the teams favorite places to visit, vacation, live, eat etc….  To us, our life experiences bring a lot to the table, in how we market, how we present and how we chose our socks.  So when asked, we each wore the socks and described what each pair meant to us. A fun exercise, one that made these, our first line of fun and colorful socks very personal!

Mens Socks, Colorful Mens Socks, Dressy Socks for Men
The Nantucket

We really do hope you enjoy, and get a chance to wear these! We are SO proud, and want you to get your hands on a pair (0r 2) so please use code FIRSTAMAS when checking out to save 25% off your order!

Cheers and Enjoy.


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