Rules: How to "Sock"

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Rules: How to "Sock"

We stumbled across an awesome Sock article by Mens Health UK and had to share/repost/add some A Man Among Socks flavor!


The biggest takeaway/our favorite part is this opening line: “There are two types of men in this world: those who know socks are important and those who are just plainly and simply, wrong.”


Now we can’t agree more, and want to echo their sartorial feelings.  Even if you are suit off the rack type of guy, for like $12 bucks you can grab that one addition to your uniform that lets you be you, add a bit of flare, or TONS. When it’s that easy, we want to help. Shop our socks now, add some color, don’t just get socks cause you need them, get some socks cause you know they add a level of flare, sophistication and tell a story.

Happy Sockgame all!


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