No Show Socks Are Back IN Stock!

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No Show Socks Are Back IN Stock!

Its that season again. The snow has melted, the grass is greener, the sun is out, and its WARM! The Stan Smiths, the loafers, the suede wingtips are out.

But for some, and really for all who want to go "sockless" the fear of funking up those kicks is real! Heat, sweat, leather... gross.

No Show Socks

Enter the NO SHOW sock. A simple sartorial item, its hidden, its clean, it can be washed. And now, they come in cool colors, styles, designs and more!

Each season we bring in a bunch of styles from a handful of brands we love. Dead Soxy, Strollegant and more. 

So, lets enjoy the warmth, lets be stylish, and lets not stank up our shoes! 

Happy Spring, Happy No Show Season!

A Man Among Socks

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