How To Pair Your Socks.... Correctly!

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How To Pair Your Socks.... Correctly!

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Today we bring a How To: Pair Your Dress/Colorful/Stylish Socks

To most, choosing the correct socks may not be near the top of their list of priorities first thing in the morning. Lets be honest, the piece of clothing inside your shoe rarely shows, and the only time it becomes visible is when you sit or have your legs crossed. However, It may seem funny, but the socks you wear can compliment or ruin your outfit, and in a big way.

Here are a few “basic” guidelines for choosing socks:

  1. Do not pair dress socks with sports shoes, because they are too thin and won’t give much protection to your feet. Unless you are just crushing out some color – go for it!
  2. We are fans of not matching your socks “perfectly” to your outfit, it appears to thought-out/robotic. So what if your purple socks don’t perfectly compliment your orange and green pocket square.
  3. BUT: don’t over do it with the patterns. Polka dot socks, gingham tie, and paisley pocket square = TOO MUCH
  4. Black socks match almost anything, so it’s essential to have a few pairs in your closet for the times you have nothing else. Everybody needs at least a few of these!
  5. Get rid of ill fitting socks, or those with holes, to avoid looking untidy. This is a must, come on gents, step it up!
  6. When buying a pair, choose one made of fabric that can absorb sweat and cushion your feet. Organic fibers mixed with a synthetic are generally best.


There are different lengths to choose from. If you are sporting a street styleoutfit and you want to keep your socks invisible, you can opt for liner (or no-show) socks since they won’t show above the edge of your shoe. Ped styles, on the other hand, touch the bottom of your ankle and are best paired with plimsolls or trainers. If you are wearing jeans or trainers, you can layer with mid-calf or over-the-calf socks.


Fabrics such as nylon, cotton, wool and polyester are typically used to make socks out of, often in some combination. Cotton and wool absorb sweat better, but have poor wicking properties which causes moisture to remain on the skin for longer. Sweat evaporates faster with synthetic materials like polyester and nylon, but these does not offer maximum protection for the epidermis.

Types of Socks

Dress socks

This type of sock comes in solid colors such as black, gray and navy. Dress socks are worn in conjunction with formal clothing such as leather shoes, trousers and dress shirts.

Textured Socks

While they can keep your toes warm and provide better support, these heavier socks tend to wrinkle above your shoe and add weight to your outfit. Opt for textured socks a shade lighter or darker than your trousers.

Statement Socks

If you are the kind of person who’s comfortable wearing bright or themed socks, statement socks are the way to go. There are certain occasions like black tie events, weddings, meetings, and certainly funerals where you shouldn’t wear this kind of sock, since this only looks good as part of laid-back outfits.

Ankle Socks

You can wear ankle socks AKA “no shows” every day with any clothing. They won’t show above your shoe, so you’ll get maximum protection without compromising your style.

Your socks can make you look like a hot science teacher or a mad scientist. Hence, picking a good pair should be given some thoughtful consideration. Follow these guidelines when you shop for socks, and don’t get caught wearing the wrong kind again!

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